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Lily Allen is one of the few singing stars from Britain, who has been successful and have made an impact in the global music industry. Extremely talented, the singer has two popular albums to her credit in her career so far.

Born on 2nd May 1985, in the town of Hammersmith, Lily Allen is an artist and a fashion designer. Her mother, Alison Owen, is a film producer and her father, Keith Allen was an actor and musician. She attended some of the most expensive schools in the UK, receiving the best possible education. However, Lily was never really interested in academics and got expelled from various schools for drinking and smoking. By the age of 14, she had attended 13 different schools because of this reason. She was very passionate about music and it became a lifeline to her, paving the way for an impeccable Lily Allen biography. She finally abandoned school at the age of 15 to concentrate on and improve her compositional skills. She made several demo songs and in 2005 she made some of her recordings public through her profile on MySpace, and thousands of listeners were attracted to her music. Getting much online support for her music defined the Lily Allen biography, as Regal Recordings noticed and motivated her into

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